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Special Notice - These t-shirts are not connected to any person, club, or League in an official capacity and all are strictly unofficial merchandise. Please also note that these t-shirts are not endorsed by any player in an official capacity. None of these t-shirts are endorsed by any of the players or the football clubs and we are not claiming that they are. These t-shirts are simply available for people who want to enjoy wearing an article depicting a phrase or image that means something to them. These images are of our heroes and refer to phrases that they uttered in the public domain and may mean something to someone. If you are a player that we have featured on a shirt or your image has been used on a shirt, we really hope that you like our idea, but equally if you would like us to remove your image from our t-shirts, we are more than happy to do so. Please simply e-mail us and we'll happily remove you from the site and our products.